Fantasy sports apps provide an easy way to make weekly and season-long decisions about your fantasy football, baseball, basketball or hockey teams. To learn more about the best fantasy sports app for all leagues, check out this blog.

Check if your league is free-to-play.

A free-to-play fantasy sport means you don't have to pay a dime to use the app and create a team. A $5 charge for the season is a standard, but it's not uncommon to find a league that costs $20 or more.

Paid leagues are often invite-only or private, meaning only league members can see your team.

However, free leagues are open to anyone, and the quality of play is usually better because you don't have to worry about your opponent's paying their entry fees.

How are you going to build your team?

Before registering for Gamezy Fantasy sports app, it's important to determine how you will put together your team. There are a few different approaches you can use:

Total points: This is the most common type of league setup. You choose players based on how many points they will help your team score throughout the season or from week to week in the case of weekly leagues. Since most leagues are standard fantasy football with a point system of 2-6-1, you'll put together your roster based on projected points over the season.“The best way to win in daily fantasy sports is to have the highest point total at the end of the week or season.”

Total stats: This setup is similar to total points leagues, but instead of having a set number of players who earn points each week, you choose your team based on what they can do throughout the season – yards and touchdowns. Again, it's more common to see this type of league in football than in baseball or basketball.

How many teams do you want to join?

Now that you've decided how to build your team and whether the league will cost money, you need to determine how many teams there will be in total.

This decision is more about the fun of playing fantasy sports than anything else. If you join a 10-team league with $5 entry fees and each team has a $260 budget, it will be difficult for certain players to be drafted.

“Once you join a fantasy sports app, whether it's an auction draft style or the traditional point-based scoring system, you'll have the opportunity to play with your friends and real-life friends too. It's fun!”

However, depending on how popular the sport is and how much demand there is for a particular sport in your area, you might have only half of your friends reach out to you to join their team.

If you're looking to play with as many friends as possible, I recommend a 10-team league. Just be aware that everyone in the league will have an equal shot at winning because there are no bad teams.

In most leagues, the top teams make the playoffs and then battle for the belt or cup. You'll have another round in larger leagues to determine who takes the top prize.

If you want to play in league with fewer teams, to have more fun and get a leg up on the competition, choose a league with less than ten teams – six or eight should be ideal.

Does your league use points or stats?

The point-based setup is by far the most popular scoring system for fantasy football. Each player earns points based on how well that player performed in real life.


In points-based leagues, certain positions are more valuable than others, meaning you'll have to spend your wealth on running backs or wide receivers. However, some leagues use a stats-based setup, which assigns a point value to each statistic, such as receptions, yards and touchdowns.